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Is Google Blocked Forever in China?

(UPDATE) – Until July 24 Google is still not reachable.

Is your website not loading properly after the ban of Google and it’s services in Mainland China (June 2014)?

We can easy replace Google Search with or

We can replace Gmail with Hotmail or Yahoo Mail.

However, we cannot replace Google APIs. These are sets of JavaScript APIs developed by Google that allows interaction with Google Services and integration of rich, multimedia, search or feed-based Internet content into web applications. They extensively use AJAX scripting and can be easily loaded using Google Loader.

In simple words: A huge quantity of websites are not working properly in Mainland China because they use Google APIs that are blocked.  The only way to “fix” this is to try to not use any code related with Google. At least for now.

UPDATE (05-08-2017) – Google APIs are unblocked. However, Google’s search engine and all other products are still blocked in Greater China.

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Alternatives for Gmail in China

Access to Google and it’s products like Gmail have been blocked in Mainland China. Why don’t you open a Business Email like ?

More info: Business Email Solution

Security Tips & Tricks

How to Scan Website for Virus

Cyber Security is very important and an extremely High Threat these years. That is why we have to scan regularly your website’s files for viruses and malware. Our CPANEL offers a tool for this purpose. It is called ClamAV.

Login to your CPANEL and find the following icon under Advanced:

Click on Virus Scanner. Then choose Scan Home Directory.

Click “Scan Now” and wait.

After the scan is finished you will have two results:

1. No virus found.  Good, close, and repeat again in the future.

2. Virus found. You will have the option to Quarantine the infected file(s) or Destroy them. Choose Destroy.

Announcements Domains

China Domain Registration Promotion

Great news! We lowered registration prices for Chinese domains: .CN and .COM.CN and now the yearly fee is only USD15! Great prices and great service, what are you waiting? Claim your Chinese domain before its too late.

Remember, using our services ANYONE can register Chinese domain names. You only need to provide a copy of a valid government-issued ID like a passport. Any country is OKAY.


The Ultimate SEO List for Your Website

Below you can find a To-do List that will be highly useful if you want to improve search rank in Google.

On page

  • Include Meta Tags
  • Check URL Structure and Optimization
  • Use Header Tags
  • Use a clear navigation structure
  • Add Rich Content relevant to your keywords
  • Internal links optimization
  • Speed optimization (Reduce images and code size)
  • Add Sitemaps
  • Add Robots.txt
  • Use Structured Data (Google’s webmaster tools for more info)
  • Include a video
  • Include a Blog to generate fresh content

Off Page

  • Send Press Releases
  • Do Search Engine Submission
  • Do Directory Submission
  • Add Social Bookmarking
  • Do Articles Submission
  • Blog in third party websites
  • Blog Commenting with signature with your domain
  • RSS Submission
  • Post Classified ads
  • Use Google Places if relevant
  • Include Business Listings
  • Use Local Listings
  • PDF/PPT/Video Submission
  • Participate in Forums related to your industry
  • Profile Creations for company and staff
  • Use Social Pages (Facebook, Linked, Twitter)
  • Participate in Question & Answers (, Yahoo Answers)
  • Image Submission (
  • Include your page in Yahoo Listings (Paid fee)
  • Do regular Competitor Analysis

Wherever possible you need to include relevant Keywords or Keyphrases that link to your website’s homepage or important inner pages according to the keyword.

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