Category: Announcements

  • Logo Update

    We are introducing a new logo design for our brand “Internet Solutions HK”. This simple and clean design represents our image for the year 2021 when we go back to basics, and focus exclusively on our core services of Website Hosting in Hong Kong to provide the best experience to our clients.

  • New Enterprise Email Design

    Dear Customer, We are excited to announce that your beloved Enterprise webmail now has a fresh new look! Welcome to a world of speed and stability. Some of the cool new features awaiting you are: Design Makeover Personal and Global Contacts Shared Calendar to synchronize meetings and schedules across your team And some completely brand […]

  • Litecoin Accepted

    As always, Internet Solutions HK, one of the best Hosting providers in Hong Kong SAR, continues to update and keep up with current trends in the technology industry. We now welcome Litecoin, the sixth largest cryptocurrency with a market cap of $9 billion, as another method of payment that offers low transaction fees, anonymous and almost […]

  • Now Accepting Bitcoin

    We are glad to announce that you can now use Bitcoins to pay for Website Hosting products. After a long period of testing and integration in our website we are sure that this new option is safe and will bring convenience to many clients. What is Bitcoin? Bitcoin is a peer-to-peer electronic cash system. […]

  • ISHK New Design 2017

    The Month of July 2017 saw the addition of multiple updates at ISHK as we continue to Help you through your online¬†success. This blog post is a series which aims to update you every month on the latest updates to our platform and influent news the¬†month. New Design and Billing Url We are very proud […]

  • Job Opportunities

    SEO Specialist (1) Internet Solutions HK is looking for a SEO Specialist with 2-3 years of SEO experience. In this role, the specialist will take the lead on technical analysis, keyword research, on-page optimization, competitive analysis, reporting and general deliverable management for assigned accounts. Tech Support Staff (2) Provide superb technical system and user support […]

  • Business Email to Enterprise Email

    Since February we have been announcing the end of the “BUSINESS” email to introduce the new, more powerful and reliable “ENTERPRISE” email service. However, the improvements generate new costs that we need to pass to our users. But have you compared our email service to others like Google Apps for Business, or Tencent ( […]

  • New Cpanel Theme “Paper Lantern”

    We are glad to announce the implementation of the new, modern, easier to use and responsive cPanel theme: Paper Lantern in all our Hosting accounts. It was developed with the latest “Bootstrap” framework. What is the “Bootstrap” framework? Bootstrap was developed by Twitter as a framework to encourage consistency across internal tools. Before Bootstrap, various […]

  • China Domain Registration Promotion

    Great news! We lowered registration prices for Chinese domains: .CN and .COM.CN and now the yearly fee is only USD15! Great prices and great service, what are you waiting? Claim your Chinese domain before its too late. Remember, using our services ANYONE can register Chinese domain names. You only need to provide a copy of […]