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  • Business Email to Enterprise Email

    Since February we have been announcing the end of the “BUSINESS” email to introduce the new, more powerful and reliable “ENTERPRISE” email service. However, the improvements generate new costs that we need to pass to our users. But have you compared our email service to others like Google Apps for Business, or Tencent ( […]

  • Hong Kong the New Tech Hub?

    By: Paul Denlinger More than 10 years ago, before the Internet bubble popped in 2000, Silicon Valley venture capitalists and technology professionals all looked to China as the goal of any leading Internet company. So big was the attraction of China that all of the leading companies to go public went out of their way […]

  • Is Google Blocked Forever in China?

    (UPDATE) – Until July 24 Google is still not reachable. Is your website not loading properly after the ban of Google and it’s services in Mainland China (June 2014)? We can easy replace Google Search with or We can replace Gmail with Hotmail or Yahoo Mail. However, we cannot replace Google APIs. These […]

  • Alternatives for Gmail in China

    Access to Google and it’s products like Gmail have been blocked in Mainland China. Why don’t you open a Business Email like ? More info: Business Email Solution