Google Chrome Warning

Dear Valued Client We received reports of a warning message of "Deceptive Site Ahead" when accessing some Cpanel accounts while using Google's Chrome browser. We are working with Google's support team to solve this issue immediately as its a false positive from their side. Workaround: 1) Use any other internet browser, for example, Firefox, ...

Website Update

Dear Valued Client

To offer a better user experience, we will update our website design and restructure our services and products offers.

If you find any error or broken link, please let us know.

Thank you for your kind support!

CloudFlare Global Downtime

Dear Valued Client If you are using CloudFlare's DNS service, we recommend disabling their "orange cloud" to route all traffic through our servers directly: CloudFlare notice: Today, starting at approximately 10:03 UTC, a misconfiguration at a major external network provider caused connectivity disruptions across the Internet. These disruptions ...

WeChat Payment Error

Dear Valued Client We received some error reports when trying to pay USD using the Wechat Pay method. If your invoice is in USD and you want to use WeChat Pay, please use the QR code in this page: After that, please send a support ticket with the screenshot of the payment so we can update the invoice ...

Enterprise Email Webmail Under Maintenance

Dear Valued Client We are facing Webmail login issues with our Business and Enterprise email service. You might have encountered the error  “Unable to get token, is your RC link correct?" while accessing your account via the webmail interface.  You should, however, be able to access your emails via email clients (Foxmail, Outlook, ...

SSD Storage in all Servers

Dear Valued Client After a few months of hardware updates, we are glad to announce that all websites hosted in our servers are currently running on Solid State Drive storage to improve uploading and downloading speeds. Therefore, we are discontinuing older Shared Hosting plans with Regular Drive storage. Current clients with older Shared Hosting ...

New Website Design 2020

Dear Valued Client

We are happy to announce that we are changing our website's layout and design to a more bold and modern design, suitable for the year 2020.

Please let us know if you have any difficulty using the new design.

As always, thank you for your kind support!

Internet Solutions HK team

Server Zeus Under Maintenance

Dear Valued Client

We are doing emergency maintenance work on server ZEUS. During this time your website may experience a brief downtime.

Thanks for your patience,

Internet Solutions HK team

Email Server Under Emergency Maintenance

Dear Valued Client

Our technical staff is working to fix the issue with our new relay Email server.

Please wait for further updates.

Thank you for your patience.

Internet Solutions HK team

Server Aphrodite under Maintenance

Dear Valued Client Our server admin is currently working to reset all DNS zones of server Aphrodite. The process will need a couple of hours. Meanwhile, your account may experience some downtime. We are very sorry for the inconvenience caused and rest assured we are doing an internal audit to investigate the issue so it doesn't haven ...