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Please note that the new CPANEL versions moved the MX RECORD button inside ZONE EDITOR / MANAGE / MX.

An MX Record is used by a mail server to route incoming email. Changing your MX record is usually done to redirect email to a remote server. It can also be used as a temporary backup in case the local mail server goes down.

If you wish to just point it to another domain do the following:

  1. Log into your Cpanel.
  2. Click the Zone Editor icon.
  3. Select the domain name and click Manage.
  4. Here are the rules for Local, Backup, and Remote. If you do not know, choose Automatically Detect Configuration and hit the Change button.
  5. Under "Add New Record", enter (or whatever you were provided by the host) for the Destination value. Priority will normally stay equal to 0 [zero].
  6. Click the "Add New Record" button.

Tip: Setting the value back is just as easy. Just save the Destination value as the domain name you select from the drop-down (no http or www).

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