• Monday, September 4, 2017
Dear Valued Client

We are performing a full backup restoration on server ATHENA after a CPANEL update failed. Our server admin has been working round-the-clock to fix the issue as soon as possible. We expect the server to be back online today Tuesday, September 5th in the afternoon (around 5:00 pm Hong Kong time).

UPDATE: All CPANEL accounts has been restored. You should be able to login to your CPANEL using the link: https://athena.hongkongserver.net:2083/
We are now fixing a misconfiguration with the DNS Cluster caused by a CPANEL update.

UPDATE 2: We are sorry for the delay. The DNS Cluster misconfiguration was fixed and now all accounts are starting to load properly. If you have any further question please contact our support team.

Thanks for your patience,
Internet Solutions HK team