An Overview

Your website as your car needs regular maintenance to work properly and without vulnerabilities. Advanced On-site security is a value-added service offered to our hosting clients.

We have the Experience

Did you know that most WordPress websites get hacked from entirely preventable issues, like not keeping all things updated or using insecure passwords and usernames?

Tips to Improve your WordPress Security

Run as frequently as possible scans in all your files to find, quarantine or destroy infected files.

Check your WordPress, its plugins and themes frequently, and update them to the latest version.

It is always a good idea to double check your file and folders permissions to decrease the possibility of hacking.

Do you keep old backups or incessesary files? Those files may become corrupted and a source of malware as new vulnerabilites are discovered. 

Not only it is recommended to use strong random passwords for each of your accounts, but also to use difficult to hack usernames.

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