4 Myths About Chinese Domain Names

Myth #1: If your domain name is not .cn, it might get blocked by the Chinese government.

The truth: If the Chinese government wants to block your site, they can do it, it doesn’t matter which TLD (Top Level Domain) you are using.

If you host your website in Mainland China you will have to apply for an ICP license from the government. Otherwise, your website will be blocked sooner than later.

Myth #2: Baidu will rank my site higher if it’s a .CN domain.

There is no real proof. Baidu ranking algorithm is different than Google’s. Any TLD can rank higher than a CN domain. This only depends on the SEO of your website and not the domain you use.

Myth #3: It is best to use a .cn or .com.cn rather than a .com domain.

Chinese people prefer .com domains over .cn domains.

This is the result of years of faulty, low-quality products and fakes. Chinese citizens prefer to buy anything that is foreign or imported. This includes websites of any kind. This may explain why the top 3 websites in China use .COM domains: Baidu.com. QQ.com, Taobao.com.

Myth #4: You need to be Chinese or have a Chinese business entity to own a .CN

If you are are not a Chinese Citizen you can also register a Chinese Domain name! You only need to provide a valid government-issued ID like your passport. The application time is 1-2 business days. The only requirement is that you cannot host the domain in Mainland China.



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