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  • ISHK New Design 2017

    The Month of July 2017 saw the addition of multiple updates at ISHK as we continue to Help you through your online success. This blog post is a series which aims to update you every month on the latest updates to our platform and influent news the month. New Design and Billing Url We are very proud […]

  • Facebook To Enter Greater China?

    (Bloomberg) — Facebook Inc. is so keen to return to China that it built a tool that would geographically censor information in the country, according to the New York Times. While that may help the Chinese government get comfortable with Facebook, the company’s re-entry may not happen for years, if at all, given licensing restrictions […]

  • Stripe Available in Hong Kong

    We received an invitation from the Stripe guys to join the Private Beta version. We recommend this great platform to manage payments through credit cards. Here I copy paste the original message: Good news: we are up and running in private beta, and we’re excited to invite you to take part. All of our standard […]

  • Stripe Helps Startups

    (Bloomberg) — When global companies think about incorporating offshore, they typically look to places such as Bermuda, Ireland, or the Netherlands. Kenyan entrepreneur Trevor Kimenye decided to go with Delaware. Kimenye co-founded his digital marketing startup Ongair Inc. in Nairobi two years ago. He said companies around the world use Ongair’s tools to help them […]

  • Godaddy Also Experienced DDOS Attack

    On its system alert page, GoDaddy apologized for the “brief delay in service.” “We are fixing an issue impacting one or more services,” GoDaddy said. On Sunday (April 12th), GoDaddy’s security team identified a spike in traffic that “could be malicious in nature.” The company claimed to have resolved the issue, however it seems that […]

  • Is Google Blocked Forever in China?

    (UPDATE) – Until July 24 Google is still not reachable. Is your website not loading properly after the ban of Google and it’s services in Mainland China (June 2014)? We can easy replace Google Search with or We can replace Gmail with Hotmail or Yahoo Mail. However, we cannot replace Google APIs. These […]

  • Alternatives for Gmail in China

    Access to Google and it’s products like Gmail have been blocked in Mainland China. Why don’t you open a Business Email like ? More info: Business Email Solution