Is Google Blocked Forever in China?

(UPDATE) – Until July 24 Google is still not reachable.

Is your website not loading properly after the ban of Google and it’s services in Mainland China (June 2014)?

We can easy replace Google Search with or

We can replace Gmail with Hotmail or Yahoo Mail.

However, we cannot replace Google APIs. These are sets of JavaScript APIs developed by Google that allows interaction with Google Services and integration of rich, multimedia, search or feed-based Internet content into web applications. They extensively use AJAX scripting and can be easily loaded using Google Loader.

In simple words: A huge quantity of websites are not working properly in Mainland China because they use Google APIs that are blocked.  The only way to “fix” this is to try to not use any code related with Google. At least for now.

UPDATE (05-08-2017) – Google APIs are unblocked. However, Google’s search engine and all other products are still blocked in Greater China.