Database Servers Upgrade

  • 11th November 2020
Dear Valued Client We are upgrading all Databases to use the latest MariaDB instead of MySQL. This will bring several performance improvements to all websites using databases, for example: Improved connection performance. Numerous performance improvements for high-concurrency load and performance data structures. Scalability and performance ...
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Price Update for Email Hosting service

  • 1st November 2020

Dear Valued Client

Because of increases in our current costs by some providers, we will slightly update our product pricing as follows:

Enterprise Email = 25USD/year

Business Email = 15USD/year

Extra Storage (5Gb block) = 5USD/year

Thanks for your understanding and support.

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Google Chrome Warning

  • 8th October 2020
Dear Valued Client We received reports of a warning message of "Deceptive Site Ahead" when accessing some Cpanel accounts while using Google's Chrome browser. We are working with Google's support team to solve this issue immediately as its a false positive from their side. Workaround: 1) Use any other internet browser, for example, Firefox, ...
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Website Update

  • 14th September 2020

Dear Valued Client

To offer a better user experience, we will update our website design and restructure our services and products offers.

If you find any error or broken link, please let us know.

Thank you for your kind support!

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