New WordPress 5.0 – How and When to Update

WordPress 5.0 is being released tomorrow, December 6th. This release contains a major change to the WordPress editor. The new editor, code-named Gutenberg, is a substantial leap forward in functionality. It uses a new block-based system for editing which allows you to embed a wide range of content in your posts and pages, and gives you a lot of flexibility in laying out those blocks on the page.
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Litecoin Accepted

As always, Internet Solutions HK, one of the best Hosting providers in Hong Kong SAR, continues to update and keep up with current trends in the technology industry. We now welcome Litecoin, the sixth largest cryptocurrency with a market cap of $9 billion, as another method of payment that offers low transaction fees, anonymous and almost instant transactions.

Now Accepting Bitcoin

We are glad to announce that you can now use Bitcoins to pay for Website Hosting products. After a long period of testing and integration in our website we are sure that this new option is safe and will bring convenience to many clients.


What is Bitcoin?

Bitcoin is a peer-to-peer electronic cash system. It is a consensus network that enables a new type of payment method and a completely digital form of money. It is the first decentralized peer-to-peer payment network that is powered by its users with no central authority or middlemen. From a user perspective, Bitcoin is perhaps best described as ‘cash for the Internet’, but Bitcoin can also be seen as the most prominent triple entry bookkeeping system in existence.

Why Bitcoin?

The beauty of Bitcoin is that it requires no central servers or third-party clearing houses to settle transactions – all payments are peer-to-peer (P2P) and are settled in about 10 minutes – unlike credit card payments, which can take weeks or months before they’re finally settled.

Bitcoin is still a cutting-edge experiment in technology and economics, and like the worldwide web in 1995, its myriad potential, purposes and applications are yet to be decided. Is it just electronic money? A foundation for smart contracts and electronic shares? Is it underground and subversive, challenging the power of governments, or will it integrate into mainstream finance and go unnoticed? If you know the answers to any of these questions, or if you can figure out how to capitalize on them there may be many lucrative opportunities for you in the Bitcoin space.


Getting Started with Our Free Website Builder

Internet Solutions Hong Kong Introduces our New Website Builder which aims to make Building awesome websites quick and simple.  Not only is it easy for anyone to use and totally free.

We introduce you to our website builder in this article. a website builder can be a really great way to easily create and manage a website.

What is the ISHK site Builder?

The ISHK site builder is an  HTML5 site builder that lets you easily build and edit a web page grid. We made an interface as simple and intuitive as possible, so it doesn’t take you long to get along with the User Interface.

How do I get started?

The best thing about our page builder, you don’t have to be an ISHK Customer to enjoy using our site builder.

There are two ways you can access our site builder:

  1. If You are an ISHK Customer, You can quickly access our website builder by login into your cPanel and look under software or search for “website builder” within cPanel to enjoy using our site builder.

    website- builder cpanel
    Where the website builder is listed in cPanel
  2. Or you could just visit by typing it into your browser

Once you are there (at the URL), you will need to create an account using an email of your choice if you not already used the site builder previously, Enter your login email and password.

Building your first page using the website builder?

Assuming you went ahead and logged in using the login form screenshotted above, we can now begin the creation of our first website by clicking the button in the centre of our dashboard labelled “Create one now” or the button within the header navigation labelled  “Createe a new project“.

website builder dashboard
Once logged in, this should be the view of your dashboard

You should be presented with the following overview:

website builder wizard
The website builders starter wizard

The site builders start wizard will present you with over 19 templates.  You have the option of filtering through the templates using its filtering tool.

Found on the left, The filter tool arranges the various templates by colour and categories inclusive of the landing page, blog and portfolio. The filter also holds a button labelled “Start With Blank Page” which is the option to start with a blank page.

We will be building a landing page in this scenario, aimed at prospective users of our website builder. The template will be using in our tutorial is the “Flatty” template hence we will select landing pages from the wizard filter.

Once you have chosen a template of your wanting, Just click the template from the wizard and you should be presented with the following view:

We won’t go deep into the UI but we will provide you with a breakdown of the various options below.

Elements – this subsection contains options to be added to the page you are creating. Sub-divided into components, layout, media, topography, Buttons and forms.

Inspector – inspectors provide the options to modify a selected area or page element within the template being edited depending on the elements and/or page area selected, you will be provided with the options of attributes, background, shadows, padding, margin, text style, border and border roundness.

Pages – page host the option to edit elements of the current page you are working on and the option to add additional pages. options inclusive of editing page name (about.html or index.html), page title, descriptions, page tags (also known as the page keywords). This menu also present you with the option to change the current template or simply erase the template.

Themes – This menu presents you with the option to choose from bootswatch’s popular bootstrap themes which modifies the look of your template in various ways.

Settings – This section of the menu hosts personalizable options to how the page builder works for you.

Code Edtr – This menu gives you a code editor so you can edit the raw code if you can code or require the option.

Global Option Menu

These vital options highlighted in red above are always displayed, no matter the options menu that you or on.

Preview – This gives a preview of the website/page as it would look on the browser/device.

Export – This menu presents the option to download/export you currently work in a zip folder. You can choose to download a single page or you could download the entire website/project.

Publish – this presents the option to publish your current work via FTP to your website/server.

Devices – This changes the view within the editor and the preview to match that of the various common device sizes in use. There are four view and device types, The Mobile, the tablet, the laptop and the desktop.

Save – this button pretty much saves the current edits made to your template if you didn’t enable the auto-save option which can be found under the setting menu.

Lookout for our other website builder tutorials which will go into other aspects of the website builder which we haven’t covered here.

So what are you waiting for? Visit the Website Builder NOW!